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with hers. How I wish I could hear from you just if [?]
what you think about the proposed match.

We (mother & I) [ushered?] upon maintaining an attitude
of [street?] reserve until we heard from her parents. Mr. Hussey
wrote me a very nice [?] letter saying that he
agreed to his daughter's [wish?] the two could meet with
a [rev?] to seeing whether they really were suited to each
other. But no sooner do they receive this conditional
permission than they declare they must marry
in a few months!

To this I oppose all my parental wisdom &
experience and plead for at least 12 months
respite. Alfred is not in a position at present to make
500 a year and I don't think it enough to marry
such a girl as Mrs. Hussy under that income.
I understand that Miss H. has no fortune, and as
her father said to me in his letter "no expectations"
That being the case it seems some a very serious thing
for the young people to [?] upon marrying so
[?]. Miss Hussey does not [?] [?]
exactly the kind of hard economist who might
make [love?] in a cottage a success.

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