Letter from William T. Stead to May Wright Sewall.


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STEAD, WM T FEB 1, 1902


My dear Mrs Sewell,

I was glad to get your letter of Jan.10, and to know that you had at least had time to look at the opening chapters of my book. I entirely agree with you that if I were an American I should shrink from writing the book. Because for an American to have written this book would have been to minister too much to your execllent Americans thinking too much of themselves. But we are so much the greater sinner at the present moment that it is worth while sacrificing the interests of America to chastening the price of Briton. But of course you are quite right - it is better to humanise the world thank to Americanise it.

Alfred and Elaine are established in corfortable quarters in High St. Wimbleton about ten minutes from our house. They have the rooms once occupied by Mrs Ole Bull and Miss Noble who are gone to India. I think it is much better that they should learning housekeeping where they can be close to my wife who is extremely devoted to Elaine.

Yours sincerely, William

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