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Status: Complete

Year: 1926

Name of Deceased: First and Middle Name of Deceased: Last Address of Deceased Place of Death Physicians Name: First and Middle Physicians Name: Last Age at Death (Year) Date of Death (Month) Date of Death (Day) Name of Beneficiary: First and Middle Name of Beneficiary: Last Address of Beneficiary To Whom Paid: First and Middle To Whom Paid: Last Cause of Death
Claborne Barksdale 844 S. Sharp St. 844 S. Sharp St D. Carroll 51 Nov 20 Katie Barksdale 844 S. Sharp St. Katie Barksdale Cerebral Hemorrhage
Martha J. Cropper Pocomoke City Md Pocomoke City Md. A. Parker 68 Nov 20 Estella Cropper Pocomoke City Md Estella Cropper Cerebral Hemorrhage
Maurice Morris Gibbs 103 W. West St. 103 W. West Street 42 Nov 24 Chas. Queen 718 Dolphin St. Chas. Queen Gastric Carcimonia
James Pack 429 N. Dallas 429 N. Dallas G. W. Renard 58 Nov 24 Daisy Morton 814 N. Wolfe St. Daisy Morton Apoplexy
Annie Johnson Scott 786 W. Mulberry 786 W. Mulberry R.L. Jackson 44 Nov 27 Hattie Dorsey Coates 786 W. Mulberry Hattie Dorsey Coates Broncho Pneumonia
Bell Gibbs Centreville, Md. Centreville, Md. W. H. Fisher 49 Nov 22 Sadie Hollis Centreville, Md. Sadie Hollis Mitral Regurgitation
Charles Savoy 1624 N. Mount St. 1624 N. Mount St. G. C. Blades 4 Dec 2 Mary Savoy 1624 N. Mount St. Mary Savoy Broncho Pneumonia
Thomas E. Jones Col. Y.M.C.A. Col. Y.M.C.A. G. C. Blades 42 Nov 30 Viola Bartlett 1705 Bond St. Viola Bartlett Mitral Stenosis
Elizabeth Curtis 805 N. Fremont Ave. 805 N. Fremont Ave. T. S. Hawkins 50 Dec 1 James T. Custis 805 N. Fremont Ave. James T. Custis Cardiac Vascular Renal
Matthews Hawkins 638 W. Mulberry St Balti. City Hospital T. S. Ayerck 60 Dec 4 Matilda Floyd 754 W. Mulberry St Matilda Floyd Chronic Myocarditis
George Washington Near Scotland Neck, N.C. Near Scotland Neck, N.C. 65 Oct 11 Annie Smith Mary J. & Lucinda Honor Reed & Gaskins
Eliza Messick 517 W. Biddle St. 517 W. Biddle St. Wm. T. Carr 65 Dec 2 Laur F. Dorsey Louisa H. Robinson & Pres. of the Shelter for Aged Colored People Cerebral Hemorrhage
Gamaber Opher 319 Otterbein St. 319 Otterbein St. F. M. Cardoza 40 Dec 8 Mary Opher 319 Otterbein St. Mary Opher Apoplexy
Joseph Collins 707 N. Dallas St. Balti. City Hosp. M. B. 42 Dec 4 Mary Wise 506 N. Spring St. Mary Wise Carcimonia
George E. Miles Crisfield, Md. Lawsonia, Md. W. J. Barkly 72 Oct 27 Aimie R. Ashly Crisfield, Md. Aimie R. Ashly Cerebral Hemorrhage
John Robinson 703 Y Alley 703 Y Alley D. Carroll 49 Dec 9 Wm. Emerson 400 S. Charles St. Wm. Emerson Parenchynatinis Nephritis
Mary Glenn 404 Eislen St. 428 E. 12th St, Wilmington, Del. H. H. Hazel 45 Dec 6 Shan Glenn 1515 Myrtle Ave. Shan Glenn Asthma & Myocarditis
Frank Richardson 413 N. Spring St. 413 N. Spring St. W. B. Butler 43 Dec 9 Cordelia Ashby 413 N. Spring St. Cordelia Ashby Pneumonia
Henry Bennett Hollywood, Md. Hollywood, Md. F. F. Greenwell 62 Nov 20 Lizzie Bennett Hollywood, Md. Marie Elizabeth Bennett Tuberculosis
Joseph Briscoe 2022 Madison Ave. 2022 Madison Ave. E. Wm. Frey 51 Dec 9 Rosa Shipley 2022 Madison Ave. Rosa Shipley Bronchial Asthma
Fernanda Thompson Sixth St., Eastport, Md. Eastport, Md. J. F. Russell 43 Dec 5 Annie Thompson 183 6th St., Eastport, Md. Annie Thompson Tuberculosis
Lottie Bessick 1327 1/2 Myrtle Ave. Johns Hopkins Hospital L. W. Smith 58 Dec 3 Elizabeth Willis 1327 1/2 Myrtle Ave. Elizabeth Willis Shock from Operation
Aaron Cooper 32 S. Caroline St. 32 S. Caroline St. B. Harris 58 Dec 9 Sophia Travers 32 S. Caroline St. Sophia Travers Cardiac Dilation
Blanche G. Chaney 139 W. Hill St. Johns Hopkins Hospital H. C. Smith 30 Dec 12 Mary Chaney 139 W. Hill St. Mary Chaney Cardiac Failure
Mary S. White 1502 Mosher St. Colonial Hospital J. Hilla 56 Dec 13 Lloyd Reed 1502 Mosher St. Jos. A. Lively (Undertaker) Gas Poisoning

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