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Status: Complete

Year: 1926

Name of Deceased: First and Middle Name of Deceased: Last Address of Deceased Place of Death Physicians Name: First and Middle Physicians Name: Last Age at Death (Year) Date of Death (Month) Date of Death (Day) Name of Beneficiary: First and Middle Name of Beneficiary: Last Address of Beneficiary To Whom Paid: First and Middle To Whom Paid: Last Cause of Death
Katie Purby 108 N. Gilmore St Franklin Square Hosp. Thos. B. Horton 48 Dec 12 Edith Holton 255 N. Bruce St Edith Holton Accidental Burned to Death
Bertha Cornish Blue 1122 Fremont St 1122 Fremont St E. Wm. Frey 25 Dec 14 John Blue 1122 Fremont St John Blue Bright Disease
Mollie Wilson 2206 Division St 2206 Division St B.M. Rhetta 20 Dec 12 Bessie Wilson 2206 Division St Bessie Wilson Uremia
Jane Stewart 1703 N. Spring St 1703 N. Spring St O.H. Duker 53 Dec 13 Jacob Stewart 1703 N. Spring St George I. Ruth Uremia
Margaret H. Keys 811 Ashland Ave 811 Ashland Ave A. Hornstein 53 Dec 15 Walter Holt 1623 D. Hill Ave. Walter Holt Chronic Nephritia
Wm. Blake 1133 Myrtle Ave John Hopkins Hosp Lawrence Keyes 63 Dec 16 Ella Blake 914 Argyle Ave. Ella Blake Myocardial Insufficiency
Lula Brown Newtown, Md. F.L. Hydn Wayside Md. 59 Nov 9 Rhoda Patterson La Plata, Md. Rhoda Patterson Tornado
Wm. Blake 1133 Myrtle Ave. Johns Hopkins Hosp. Lawrence Keyes 63 Dec 16 Ethan Johnson 1133 Myrtle Ave. Ethan Johnson Myocardial Insufficiency
Nathaniel West 1512 N. Brunt St. 1502 N. Brunt St. G.C. Blades 35 Dec 15 Mary West 1512 N. Brunt St. Mary West Broncho Pneumonia
James O'neal 707 W. Saratoga St. West Balto Gen. Hosp. Benj. Miller 52 Dec 17 Sarah Tyler O'Neal 707 W. Saratoga St. Sarah Tyler O'Neal Cardiac Insufficiency
Mamie Brown 578 1/2 Greenwillow St. 578 1/2 Greenwillow St. F.N. Cardoza 59 Dec 15 Isaac Brown 578 1/2 Greenwillow St. Dan'l Easton (Undertaker) Apoplexy
Queenstown, Md. Md. Tuberculosis Sanatorium Henryton, Md. John E. O'Neal 14 Dec 2 Sarah Lewis 1137 Stricker St. Sarah Lewis Pulmonary Tuberculosis
James W. Cole 1126 N. Carrollton Ave. 1126 N. Carrollton Ave. G.C. Blades 54 Dec 19 Wm. F. Cole 1126 N. Carrollton St. Wm. F. Cole Paralysis
Mary Brooks 550 W. Barre St. University Hosp. D. Fisher 35 Dec 18 James Brooks 550 Barre St. James Brooks Gunshot Wound Hemorrhage
Lucy Armstrong 201 W. 24th St. Henryton Hosp. L.A. Johnson 29 Dec 19 Jennie
1422 McCulloh St.
201 W. 24th St., N.Y.
Pulmonary Tuberculosis
James W. Cole 1126 N. Carrollton St. 1126 N. Carrollton St. G.C. Blades 54 Dec 19 Mary Cole 1812 D. Hill Ave. Mary Cole Paralysis
Arthur Smith Princess Anne, Md. Newport, N.J. T.B. Whealey 50 Nov 22 Matilda Smith Princess Ann, Md. Matilda Smith Myocardial Failure
Bertha E. Barnett St. Michaels, Md. St. Michaels, Md. 48 Dec 13 Andrew Barnett St. Michaels, Md. Andrew Barnett Consumption
Annie Weems 212 N. 54th St. Phila. General Hosp. R. Drake 26 Dec 19 Walter Weems 153 W. Hamburg St. Walter Weems Pul. Tuberculosis
Betsy Brown Kilmarnick, Va. Kilmarnick, Va. M.E. Morris 55 Dec 5 Martha Thomas 1217 Laurens St. Martha Thomas Paralysis
Frank Hawkins 928 N. Stricker St. 928 N. Stricker St. F.A. Saunders 19 Dec 24 Bernard Hawkins 912 N. Mount St. Bernard Hawkins Myocarditis
William Hemsley Martinsburg, Md. Martinsburg, Md. E.W. White 33 Dec 10 Henrietta Diggs Martinsburg, Md. Henrietta Diggs Tuberculosis
Alfred Collins 604 N. Dallas St. Hopkins Hospital J. Poller 40 Dec 21 Florence Collins 604 N. Dallas St. Florence Collins Myocardial Failure
Bessie Carter 628 N. Dallas St. 628 N. Dallas St. G. Allen 50 Dec 26 Henry Carlos 220 Caroline St. Henry Carlos Pulmonary Edema
John Scott 1302 Laurens St. 1302 Laurens St. F.A. Saunders 37 Dec 28 Bertie Scott 1302 Laurens St. Bertie Scott Acute Endocarditis

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