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Status: Complete

Year: 1930

Name of Deceased: First and Middle Name of Deceased: Last Address of Deceased Place of Death Physicians Name: First and Middle Physicians Name: Last Age at Death (Year) Date of Death (Month) Date of Death (Day) Name of Beneficiary: First and Middle Name of Beneficiary: Last Address of Beneficiary To Whom Paid: First and Middle To Whom Paid: Last Cause of Death
Luther L. Pinckney 503 McMechen St Balto. City Hospital M.M. McLean 60 Apr. 5 Inez Pierce 503 McMechen St Inez Pierce myocarditis, Chronic nephritis
Vender Revender Barkley Nanticoke Md. Nanticoke Md. G. herbert Sembly 24 Apr. 15 Minus Barkley Nanticoke Md Minus Barkley Postpartum Hemorrhage
John S. Coates Calvert County md Paris Paris Md. H.W. Ward 58 Apr. 12 Lelia Sulton Lelia Sulton Tuberculosis
William B. Evans Bradnax Va Bradnax Va W.W. Wilkinson 50 Mar 16 George B. Evans 803 Eye St. Sparrow Pt. Md. George B Evans Brights Disease
Benjamin F. Lee Welcom Va Welcome Va C.G. Williams 50 Apr. 12 Florence turner 300 N. Pine St Florence Turner Hypertension, nephritis
William Fisher 927 Plum Alley 927 Plum Alley D. Franklin 37 Apr. 21 Rosa Fisher 927 Plum Alley Rosa Fisher Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Albert Lee 1011 Plum Alley 1011 Plum Alley D.H. Carroll 38 Apr. 21 Robert Lee 916 S. Sharp St Robert Lee Cerebral apoplexy
Wm Grant 1130 M.C. Culloh St 1130 McCulloh St B. Thatcher 40 Apr. 21 Anna Morris Grant 1130 McCulloh St Anna Morris Grant mitral Stenosis
Hester Johnson 713 George St 713 George St. W.F. Noville 49 Apr. 17 Thomas Johnson 713 George St Thomas Johnson Carcinomatosis
James Gutridge Laplata Md Laplata Md. Jas. E. Nolan 22 Apr. 18 Sarah Hill La Plata Md Sarah Hill acute nephritis, Hemorrhage
Lula Fisher 2021 Amsterdam Ave N.Y.C. Roosevelt Hospital N.Y.C. Lawrence Sophian 53 Apr. 19 Alfred Haines 1103 Madison Ave Alfred Haines Lobar Pneumonia
Samuel Anderson 1357 N. Carey St. 1357 N. Carey St J.E. Ca,per 56 Apr. 17 Estate Sam'l T. Hemsley Undertaker myocarditis
John W. Anthony 722 Saratoga St 532 Robert St Provident Hospital R.L. Jackson 65 Apr. 24 Mamie Anthony 722 Saratoga St 532 Robert St Mrs. George H. Holland Undertaker Cardia Vascular Renal Disease
Wm H. Grant 1130 McCulloh St 1130 McCulloh St B. Thatcher 40 Apr. 21 Viola Clash Severna Park Md Viola Clash Mitral Stenosis
Isaac Decoursey Easton Md 15 Higgins St. Easton Md. Jas. B. Bennett 65 Apr. 19 Sarah A. Smith 15 S. Higgins St Easton Md Sarah A. Smith Hemorrhage of breast
George A. Yorkshire Oraville Md Oraville Md L. Sacbown 1 Apr. 22 Mary V. Yorkshire Oraville Md Violet Yorksire Broncho Pneumonia
Emma Grant 746 Pierce St. 746 Pierce St E. Zeller 34 Apr. 25 Sentel Grant 746 Pierce St Sentel Grant Entero Colitis, Broncho Pneumonia
Mary Elizabeth Forrest 1709 W. Franklin St Balto. City Hospital M.M. McLean 60 Apr. 26 James Ernest Forrest 1515 W. Franklin St Ernest Forrest Chronic myocarditis, acute Bronchitis
Emma Grant 746 Pierce St 746 Pierce St E. Zeller 34 Apr. 25 Fielding Lewis 226 N. Arlington Ave Fielding Lewis Broncho Pneumonia, Entero-Colitis
Clarence Sewell 627 Eislen St 325 Ringgold St E Zeller 47 Apr. 25 Emmalyne Garrison Edith Wilson Banister 1306 W. Lanvale St Emmalyne Garrison Edith Wilson Banister Pulmonary Hemorrhage
Maggie Lee 2121 Etting St 2121 Etting St. F.C. Link 53 Apr. 28 Lewis Lee 2121 Etting St. Louis Lee acute Indigestion
Clarence Chambers 228 N. Amity 228 N. Amity St H.M. Williams 34 Apr. 30 Hallie Chambers 228 N. Amity St Hallie Chambers acute nephritis
John Payne 1622 W. Franklin St 1622 W. Franklin St W.J. Jackson 50 Apr. 29 Annie Payne 1622 W. Franklin St Annie Payne Chronic Interstitial nephritis
James Payne 1536 Argyle Ave 1536 Argyle Ave J.R. Coasey 60 Apr. 30 Jerrytina Williams 645 W. Lee St Jerrytina Williams Carcinoma of Rectum
James Spicer Andrews Md Andrews Md P.H.T 51 Apr. 26 Herman R. Ennels 421 N. Ann St Herman R. Ennals Chronic mitral Insufficiency

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