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Status: Complete

Year: 1930

Name of Deceased: First and Middle Name of Deceased: Last Address of Deceased Place of Death Physicians Name: First and Middle Physicians Name: Last Age at Death (Year) Date of Death (Month) Date of Death (Day) Name of Beneficiary: First and Middle Name of Beneficiary: Last Address of Beneficiary To Whom Paid: First and Middle To Whom Paid: Last Cause of Death
George E Simms 1008 Sharp St 1008 Sharp St C.H. Fowler 59 June 10 Olive E. Sipley 10088 Sharp St Olive E. Sipley Paralysis; Cerebral Hemorhage
Rufus N Higgs Hampton Va U.S. Marine Hspt, Norfolk Va. N.M. Bland 49 May 12 Maggie Nutt 2230 Madison Ave Maggie Nutt Heart Disease; Cerebral Hemorhage
Wm. O. Johnson 2234 D.H. Ave Md. T. B. San., Henryton, Md. John E O'Neil 60 June 6 Julia A. Carr 515 Mosher St Julia A. Carr Pulmonary Tuberculistis
Charlotte Price Vincent St Balto. City Hospital Paul Padget 54 June 1 Susan Frederick 1624 Division St Susan Frederick Diabectic Coma
George Simms 1008 Sharp St 1008 S Sharp St C.H. Fowler 57 June 10 Lula Howard Solomon Md Lula Howard Paralasis; Asthma; Cerebral Hemorhage
Mildred Toney 225 N. Brune St Balt. City Hospital J.G. Arnold 21 June 12 Eugene Toney 1733 D. Hill Ave Eugene Toney Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Ella Robinson 919 W. Lexington St. John Hopkinson Hospital H. Snyder 35 June 12 George Robinson 919 W Lexington St George Robinson Sepsticemia Pneumonia
Wm. M. Welsh 610 Pitcher St Balk Leity Hospital Harry Goldsmith 51 June 8 Beatrice Welsh Payne 709 Dolphin St. Beatrice Welsh Payne General Paralysis
Mary Leonway 604 [Canollin?] Ave 604 N. [Canollin?] Ave W. Cargill 30 June 15 Ada Lucks 604 Carrollton Ave Ada Lucks Carcinoma of genitals
Whitey Harvey 1136 Stocklin St 974 Rugby St Norfolk Va L. Buller 54 June 8 Jennie Young Scott 1018 Madison Ave Jennie Young Scott Myocarditis
Mary Thompson Frederick Md. Frederick Md. C.S. Brooks 55 June 12 George N. Mest 522 Kline back alley George N. Mest Paralysis
Lizzie Stewart 1411 Ward St 1411 Ward St H. McLeard 56 June 16 Lehas Stewart 1411 Ward St Chas Stewart General Carcinomota
Johnny Barnes 806 Harlem Ave Provident Hospital 806 B. Harris 45 June 18 Bernice Charr 806 Harlem Ave Bernice Charr Uremia
John H. Brooks 612 Eye St Sparrows Pt. 612 I St, Sparrows Pt. H.E. 50 June 17 J.W. Burks 612 I St, Sparrows Pt John W. Burks Exhaustion; Myocarditis
Rachel A. Williams 1124 McCulloh St 1124 McCulloh St J.E. Fisher 79 June 17 Elenna Williams 1124 Cornish Pl Elenna Williams {Hilitation of heart?}
Louise Harris Gloucester C., Va. Signline Va. A.E. Bonell 57 June 16 James C. Lens 2328 Fremont Ave James C. Lens Robal Pneumonia
Ella May Shead 1421 Cambridge St St Josephs Hospital Fred Schway 4 June 21 James Harrison 802 N Gilmore St James Harrison 2nd degree Burns
Samuel Allen 609 S Sharp St Key Highway & Hughes O.M. Reinhardt 10 June 12 Martha Floyd 609 S Sharp St Martha Floyd Accidental Drowning
Thomas Tilgman 1512 W. Lamale St 1512 W Lanrale St F.C. Clark 57 June 16 Carrie Tilghman 1512 W Lanvale St Carrie Tilghman Accident force contusing Head, Back & Chest
Viola Young 400 N. Gilmore St 400 N Gilmore St W.H. Norville 26 June 21 Johnnie Young 400 N Gilmore St Johnnie Young Phithises; Pulmonalis
George W. Goff 1048 Argyle Ave 1048 Argyle Ave Jas. C. Carper 52 June 23 Ruby Goff 1048 Argyle Ave Ruby Goff Nephritis; Endocarditis
Isaac Comegy 2208 Division St. 2208 Division St. A.L. Ellis 50 June 24 Mary Comegy 2208 Division St Mary Comegy Acute Dilitation probably
Grandvil Coleman 1818 N. Spring St [Ensnite?] John Hopkins Hospit. J.H. Polter 1 June 23 Thomas Coleman 1818 N Spring St Thomas Coleman Bronchopneumonia
Mary Jefferson 1044 N. Mount St 1044 N Mount St J.E. Bell 55 June 22 Lena Burley Charles 1044 N Mount St Lena Burley Charles Cerebral Hemorhage
W.H. Jackson 1002 Mosher St Provident Hospital C.M. St Clair 41 May 26 Helen J. Jackson 1002 Mosher St Helen J Jackson Cerebral Hemorhage

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