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Status: Complete

Year: 1930

Name of Deceased: First and Middle Name of Deceased: Last Address of Deceased Place of Death Physicians Name: First and Middle Physicians Name: Last Age at Death (Year) Date of Death (Month) Date of Death (Day) Name of Beneficiary: First and Middle Name of Beneficiary: Last Address of Beneficiary To Whom Paid: First and Middle To Whom Paid: Last Cause of Death
Jane Queen 185 Chestnut St. Annapolis Md 185 Chestnut St, Annapolis Md 61 August 11 Ellen/ Samuel Parker/ Williams 845 W. Lee St Samuel Williams Acute Nephritis
Gillis Brown Mardella Md Laurel P.O. Md J. G. Revell 18 August 12 Sophia Brown Mardella Md Sophia Brown Accidental drowning while Swimming
Beatrice Spriggs 1103 Woodyear St 1103 Woodyear St F. A. Saunders 46 August 19 Joseph W. Spriggs 1103 Woodyear St Joseph W. SPriggs Carcinoma of Liver
Otis Henry 904 N. Carey Balto. City Hospital Jas. M. Fenton 22 August 15 Edna M. Anderson 904 N. Carey St Edna M. Anderson Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Nannie Henson 806 N. Stricker St Johns Hopkins Hospital F. D. Sinclair Jr 37 August 21 Louis J. Henson 806 N. Stricker St Louis J. Henson Pyelonephritis, Pelvic Abscess
Estella Blackwell Skidmore A.A. Co. Md Good Shepherd Hospt. H. F. Brown 47 August 20 Willie Blackwell Skidmore, A.A. Co. Md Willie Blackwell Lobar Pneumonia
Lettie Thomas 247 Connecticut Ave, Atlantic City, N.J. 247 Connecticut Ave, Atlantic City, NJ D. M. E. Campbell 67 August 15 Wm. Otho Thomas 571 Oxford St Wm. Otho Thomas Cardiac Insufficiency
[Lawn] P. Gilmore 612 N. Arlington Ave 612 N. Arlington Ave J. L. Shelton 37 August 20 Alice Phillips 612 N. Arlington Ave Alice Phillips Broncho Pneumonia
Charles Hall 558 McMechen St 558 McMechen St Jas. E. Bell 53 August 23 Mary Hall 558 McMechen St Mary Hall Gastric Carcinoma
Lotte Johns Thomas 808 W. Ostend St 808 Ostend St J. G. Bowley 31 August 24 Wm. Thomas 808 W. Ostend Wm. Thomas Broncho Pneumonia
Llewellyn Folks Kenbridge Va Kenbridge Va W. Darcure 64 August 5 Caswell Hatchett 333 W. Hoffman Caswell Hatchett Arteriosclerosis
Vera [Scott] Brown 507 E. Elm St, Conshohocken Va 507 E. Elm St, Con. Va. Francis McCarthy 15 August 22 Janie Butler 837 N. Central Ave Janie Butler Pul. Tuberculosis
Charles F. Thompson 1624 McElderry St Walter Reed Hospital C. N. Pillsbury 39 August 19 Beatrice Thompson 931 Mason St Beatrice Thompson Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Hattie Brooks 1607 W. Franklin St 1607 W. Franklin St D. Franklin 41 August 27 James D. Brooks 1607 Franklin St James D. Brooks Carcinoma Breast
John A. Harris Henrietta St [?] Warner Balto. City Hospt M. M. Mclain 32 January 1929 2 Frank Palmer 1309 W. Franklin St Frank Palmer Chronic Myocarditis
Charles Brauner Issue Md Henryton Md John E. O'Neill 45 August 12 Ellen Brauner Issue Md Ellen Brauner P. Tuberculosis
James A. L. Camper 723 George St 723 George St H. Casey 52 September 2 Frances Addie Camper 723 George St Frances A. Camper [Miasciditis?]
Annie Smith 1800 Maryland Ave Provident Hospital Geo. McDonald 45 August 31 Wm. Cheeseman 954 Forrest St Wm Cheeseman Myocardial Insufficiency
Rosy Roberts Marion Md Rehobeth Md Geo. Coulborn 40 August 25 John Roberts Marion Md John Roberts Nephritis
John B. Tilghman Chestertown Md Chestertown Md Wm. Richmond 60 August 31 Catherine Tilghman Chestertown Catherine Tilghman Blood Poison
James Queen 507 Baker 2400 Stockton St F. C. Link 42 September 5 Viola Queen 507 Baker Viola Queen Indigestion
Biscoe H. Watts Valley Lee Md Valley Lee Md F. Hooper Lynch 43 September 2 Laura J. Biscoe Valley Lee Laura J. Biscoe Paralysis
Ada Holtin near Mechanicsville Md near Mechanicsville Md H. C. Chappelear 47 August 23 Bernard Holton Mechanicsville Md Elmer R. Jarboe, funeral director [Paraticis? Paroticis?]
Alice Fisher Frederick Md Montevue Hospital B. O. Thomas 70 September 1 Mary E. Walker 138 W. Saint St Mary E. Walker Arteriosclerosis
James Queen 507 Baker St 2400 Stockton St F. C. Link 42 September 5 Annie Gibbs 103 W. West St Annie Gibbs Acute Indigestion

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