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Status: Complete

Year: 1930

Name of Deceased: First and Middle Name of Deceased: Last Address of Deceased Place of Death Physicians Name: First and Middle Physicians Name: Last Age at Death (Year) Date of Death (Month) Date of Death (Day) Name of Beneficiary: First and Middle Name of Beneficiary: Last Address of Beneficiary To Whom Paid: First and Middle To Whom Paid: Last Cause of Death
Edw Drummond 646 W Hoffman St 646 W Hoffman St N.C. Link 52 Sept 5 Elizabeth Green 1003 McCulloh St Elizabeth Green myocarditis
Augusta Mark 2415 D. Hill Ave St. Joseph Hospital J. Munsford 35 Sept 8 Frank Mark 506 Baker St Frank Mark septic embolism
Susie Shaw Annapolis Md. Annapolis Md. A.R. Anderson 52 July 24 Rodger Williams 89 Washington St Annapolis Md Rodger Williams acute nephritis
Carrie C. Richardson Atlantic City N.J. Atlantic City Hospital R.L. Moore 50 Aug 2 Blanche E. Green 2303 McCulloh St Blanche E. Green chronic nephritis with uremia
Lois Viola Fisher 731 Dolphin St 731 Dolphin St J.R. Crosey 11 Sept 13 Gladys Fisher 731 Dolphin St Gladys Fisher tuberculosis peritoneum
Annie M. Green 1413 Misher St 1413 Misher St J.D. Quinn 70 Sept 12 Alverta Askins Henson 1413 Misher St Alverta Askins Henson heart disease
Sadie B. Lockett 339 St Paul Place John Hopkins Hospital A.K. Koff 14 Sept 14 Naomi Lockett 339 St. Paul Place Naomi Lockett oedema of lungs
Carrie Booker 31-29-106th St Corona L.I. N.Y. Bellevue Hospital N.Y. F. Hayes 66 Sept 9 Florence Bowstick 1406 W. Franklin St Florence Bowstick arteriosclerosis
James Corsey Ridge Md. Ridge Md. J.V. King 62 Aug 12 Lavinia Corsey Ridge Md. Lavinia Corsey nephritis
Henry Wright 825 W. Fairmount Ave. 825 W. Fairmount Ave. J.A. Crasey 41 Sept 6 Blanche Ross 843 Fairmount Ave. Blanche Ross lobar pneumonia
Herbert Wilson 614 Brune St John Hopkins Hospital F.L. Mealton 0 Sept 12 Margaret Wilson 614 Brune St Margaret Wilson meningitis
Mary [Ca?ell] Beckley W.Va. Beckley W.Va. E.H. Hedrick 54 Sept 14 Charles Tolson 1924 D. Hill Ave. Charles Tolson chronic nephritis [and] broncho pneumonia
Katie Bradford 1437 Webb St 1437 Webb St J.H. Walters 52 Sept 13 Mary Sadler 1321 Lemmon St Mary Sadler dysentery [and] gastroenteritis
Amelia A. Hynson Wittman Md. Wittman Md. L.H. Setler 58 Sept 14 Wm. Albert Hynson Wittman Md. Wm. Albert Hynson uremia
Julius Chase 1610 Riggs Ave. Balto. City Hospital Paul Padget 53 Sept 22 Thos. H. Chase 1610 Riggs Ave. Thos. H. Chase chronic myocarditis [and] broncho pneumonia
Richard H. Sharps Chester Md. Chester Md. T. 55 Sept 20 Edith Sharps 429 W. Hamburg St. Annapolis Md. Edith Sharps odena of lungs
Henrietta Hayes Skidmore Md. Skidmore Md. J.C. Joyce 50 Sept 20 Vansie Hayes 4 Bellis Ct. Vansie Hayes apoplexy
Ella Holmes 924 W. Franklin St. 924 W. Franklin St. R.J. Young 48 Sept 22 Eliza English 924 W. Franklin St. Eliza English chronic interstitial nephritis
Susie Badger 1224 Argyle Ave. 1224 Argyle Ave. B. Hatcher 50 Sept 26 John W. Badger 1224 Argyle Ave. John W. Badger cardiac
Marie [Conaray?] Molest Va. Molest Va. C.T. Pierce 45 Sept 23 Robert Coleman 1518 Presstman St. Robert Coleman myocardial insufficiency
Marie [Conaray?] Molest Va. Molest Va. C.T. Pierce 45 Sept 23 Ethel Coleman 1518 Presstman St. Ethel Coleman myocardial insufficiency
Wm. A. Riley 831 N. Fremont Ave. 831 N. Fremont Ave. R. Jackson 50 Sept 28 Annie R. Riley 831 N. Fremont Ave. Annie R. Riley cerebral embolism
Gertrude Handy 1900 D. Hill Ave. Crownsville State Hospital G.H. Faubert 40 Sept 27 Philip S. Handy 1900 D. Hill Ave. Philip S. Handy chronic myocarditis
Novella At[?] Haste 44 Fleet St. Md. T.B. San. Henryton Md. J.E. ONeil 23 Sept 11 Florence Taylor Colbert 44 Fleet St. Annapolis Md. Florence Taylor Colbert pulmonary tuberculosis
Frank Sumerville Valley Lee Md. California Md. R.J. Bean 31 Sept 25 Henry Biscoe Valley Lee Md. Henry Biscoe gunshot wound of abdomen

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