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Status: Complete

Year: 1930

Name of Deceased: First and Middle Name of Deceased: Last Address of Deceased Place of Death Physicians Name: First and Middle Physicians Name: Last Age at Death (Year) Date of Death (Month) Date of Death (Day) Name of Beneficiary: First and Middle Name of Beneficiary: Last Address of Beneficiary To Whom Paid: First and Middle To Whom Paid: Last Cause of Death
Mary E. Dorsey 204 W. Hamburg St. 204 W. Hamburg St. C.H. Fowler 70 Oct 22 Edward Dorsey 204 W. Hamburg St. Edward Dorsey paralysis [and] heart failure
George W. Cooper 715 Gold St. 715 Gold St. A. Lee Ellis 62 Oct 22 Annie M. Cooper 715 Gold St. Annie M. Cooper myocarditis embolism
Thos. Garrison 1306 W. Lanvale St. Provident Hospital Bernard Harris 39 Oct 23 Emmalyne W. Garrison 1306 W. Lanvale St. Emmalyne W. Garrison peritonitis
Morgan Haynie 1717 Westwood Ave. 1717 Westwood Ave. Geo. McDonald 37 Oct 21 Willard Haynie 700 Lafayette Ave. Willard Haynie pneumonia
Clayton Smith 2432 D. Hill Ave. 2432 D. Hill Ave. H.P. Hughes 6 Oct 25 Mildred Smith 2432 D. Hill Ave. Mildred Smith exhaustion [and] marasmus
Major Pollard 1130 Mosher St. West Balto. Gen'l Hospital A.M. Mintz 43 Oct 27 Major B. Pollard 731 N. 44th Phila Pa. [or] 1130 Misher St. Major B. Pollard lobar pneumonia
Minnie Jones Nicholson 764 Saratoga St. Balto. City Hospitals David Tenner 34 Oct 24 Irene Ingram 773 W. Saratoga St. Irene Ingram acute pulmonary tuberculsosi
Mary Parker Lothian Md. Lothian Md. M. [Carn?d] 45 Oct 15 Bertha Johnson 2224 Latona St. Phila Pa. Bertha Johnson cerebral hemorrhage
Susie Fields 1702 Harlem Ave. Balto. City Hospital F.M. Duckwall 50 Oct 22 Addie Alexander 1702 Harlem Ave. Addie Alexander carcinoma of uterus [and] bronchopneumonia
Jas. E. Carter 1441 N. Carey St. 1441 N. Carey St. G.W. Lauenbach 50 Oct 26 Isabelle J. Carter 1441 N. Carey St. Isabelle Carter nephritis
Clara Johnson 623 Sewell St. 623 Sewell St. J.H. Tompkins 56 Oct 29 John W. Johnson 623 Sewell St. John W. Johnson auto toxemia [and] lobar pneumonia
Herbert Watty 304 N. Dallas St. Pronounced dead at Hopkins Hospt. J.H. Porter 27 Oct 27 Lennie King 1639 E. Monument St. Lennie King burns over entire body
Hattie Woods 822 Edmondson Ave. 822 Edmondson Ave. Jas. C. Bell 39 Oct 28 Minnie Tolson 822 Edmondson Ave. Minnie Tolson bronchopneumonia
John H. Hall 1512 Riggs Ave. Md. Gen'l Hospital F.C. Link 53 Oct 28 Edith Marie Taylor 1512 Riggs Ave. Edith Marie Taylor strangulated hernia
Howard Yates 1332 N. Carey St. 1332 N. Carey St. B.M. Rhetta 40 Oct 29 Rosa Campbell Yates 1332 N. Carey St. Rosa Campbell Yates aortic insufficiency
Hattie Keys 537 Wilson St. Provident Hospital J.J. France 45 Oct 28 Saral Taylor 1604 Penna Ave. Sarah Taylor crushed chest auto accident
Mary E. Payne 812 Harlem Ave. 812 Harlem Ave. J. Douglas Shepperd 56 Oct 29 Solomon Payne 812 Harlem Ave. Solomon Payne cardiac decompensation
Morgan Haynie 1717 Westwood Ave. 1717 Westwood Ave. G. McDonald 38 Oct 21 Ethel Haynie 1034 N. Arlington Ethel Haynie pneumonia
Lillie M. Miller 219 N. Durham St. John Hopkins Hospt. R.A. Fisher 5 Oct 29 Rosa Miller 707 N. Eden St. Rosa Miller paratyphoid fever
Viola Robinson Rice 1020 Booth St. 1020 Booth St. J. Guy Bowley 41 Oct 30 Berkley Rice 1020 Booth St. Berkley Rice mitral regurgitation
Alfred Kellum Exmore Va. Exmore Va. E.M. 67 July 29 Mahala Kellum 1122 N. Stockton St. Mahala Kellum exhaustion
Sarah Parker 1413 Ward St. 1413 Ward St. H.F. Brown 61 Oct 31 Carrie Parker 1413 Ward St. Carrie Parker mitral regurgitation of heart
John Myers 736 W. Mulberry St. 736 W. Mulberry St. J.D. Shepperd 50 Oct 30 Arthur Myers 1607 Harlem Ave. Arthur Myers lobar pneumonia
Frank Cooper 438 W. Conway St. 438 W. Conway St. H.S. McCard 46 Nov 4 Florence Cooper 438 W. Conway St. Florence Cooper cardiovascular disease
Philip Joynes 110 W. Hill St. Balto. City Hospt. Paul Padget 45 Nov 3 Mary E. Cooper 110 W. Hill St. Mary E. Cooper streptothricosis of lungs

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