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Status: Complete

Year: 1930

Name of Deceased: First and Middle Name of Deceased: Last Address of Deceased Place of Death Physicians Name: First and Middle Physicians Name: Last Age at Death (Year) Date of Death (Month) Date of Death (Day) Name of Beneficiary: First and Middle Name of Beneficiary: Last Address of Beneficiary To Whom Paid: First and Middle To Whom Paid: Last Cause of Death
Philip Joynes 110 W. Hill St. Balto. City Hospital Paul Padget 45 Nov 3 Maggie Joynes 2110 Division St. Maggie Joynes streptothricosis of lungs
Mary Ann Tittle 727 Fremont Ave. 727 N. Fremont Ave. J.E. Bell 70 Nov 4 Florence Smith Henley 727 N. Fremont Ave. Florence Smith Henley cerebral hemorrhage
Noah Jones 431 N. Central Ave. 431 N. Central Ave. R.J. Young 73 Nov 1 Lear Patterson Jones 431 N. Central Ave. Lear Patterson Jones uremia
Moses W. Gerald Marion Md. Marion Md. S.A. Ross 61 Oct 31 Emma Gumby Crisfield Md. Emma Gumby
Moses W. Gerald Marion Md. Marion Md. S.A. Ross 61 Oct 31 Sarah E. Gerald Marion Md. Sarah E. Gerald
Lillian M. Hill Hunt 1207 Edythe St. 1207 Edythe St. Geo. Allen 29 Nov 5 Florence B. Hill 1207 Edwards St. Florence B. Hill acute lobar pneumonia
George Carter 504 W. Cross St. 504 W. Cross St. H.G. Tompkins 44 Nov 8 Ella Carter 504 W. Cross St. Ella Carter uremia
Hattie Robinson 935 16th St. N. Bham Ala. 935 N. 16 St. Bham Ala. J.J. Jenkins 42 Nov 3 Eugene Robinson 634 N. Bruce St. Eugene Robinson cerebral hemorrhage
Laura Fitzett Crisfield Md. Crisfield Md. E.E. Collins 43 Nov 4 John H. Tilghman Crisfield Md. John Henry Tilghman mitral stenosis
Josephine Scarbrough 4 St. Crisfield Md. Crisfield Md. A.C. Ward 55 Nov 4 Marcellus Scarbrough Crisfield Md. Marcellus Scarbrough cerebral congestion
Cincinnatti Major 1826 Westwood Ave. 1826 Westwood Ave. F.C. Link 38 Nov 5 Arintha Major 2026 McCulloh St. Arintha Major acute indigestion
Estella Chappell 1344 Misher St West Balt. Gen'l Hspt. Dr. Harry 31 Nov 7 Sterains Chappell 1344 Misher St Sterains Chappell peritonitis
Rufus Turner Jesterville Md. Jesterville Md. A. Field 68 Oct 25 Minnie Turner Jesterville Md. Minnie Turner pneumonia
Celia Woodland 1717 Presstman St. 1717 Presstman St. G.W. Lautenbach 62 Nov 9 Jas. R. Woodland 1717 Prestman St. Clarence C. Wright nephritis
Lucy Thomas Valley Lee Md. Valley Lee Md. C.A. Brown 50 Nov 4 Richard Thomas Valley Lee Md. Richard Thomas pulmonary tuberculosis
John Brown Greenock Md. Greenock Md. M. Co. 54 Oct 29 Maggie Owens Greenock Md. Maggie Owens automobile accident gradual weakness from injury
Rebecca Dixon 417 Somerset St. John Hopkins Hospt. W.K. Myers 48 Nov 11 Alexander Dixon 417 Somerset St. Alexander Dixon pneumonia [and] coronary occlusion
Sarah Cook 203 N. Spring St. 203 N. Spring St. R. Browne 71 Nov 12 Bertha Hall 203 N. Spring St. [or] 6715 Quarantine Rd. Bertha Hall chr. int. nephritis
Emma Jackson 1123 Woodyear St. 1123 Woodyear St. F.R. Saunders 70 Nov 8 Osborne Jackson 1352 N. Carey St. Osborne Jackson myocarditis [and] nephritis
Leslie Davis Scribner 15 S. Penn St. 15 Penn St. E.J. Wheatley 28 Nov 15 Harry Scribner 15 Penn St. Harry Scribner bronchopneumonia
Hattie Berry 938 E. Monument St. 316 E. 19th St. Richmond Va. M.H. Tyler 30 Sept 15 Ernest Berry 938 E. Monument St. Ernest Berry acute miliary tuberculosis
Stephen Ballard Marion Md. Marion Md. G.C. Coulbourn 57 Oct 30 Webster Cane Marion Md. Webster Cane chronic myocarditis [and] chronic int. nephritis
Alta R. Gray 301 W. Biddle St. Balto. Cy. Hospital P. Padget 33 Nov 14 Rosie Booker 303 W. Biddle St. Rosie Booker
Edward Smith 937 Leadenhall St. 937 Leadenhall St. C.H. Fowler 61 Nov 13 Ella Henson 218 N. Carey St. Ella Henson heart failure
Alice Griffin 1031 Clay St. Balto. City Hospital D. Turner 46 Nov 11 Fielding Lewis 226 N. Arlington Ave. Fielding Lewis pulmonary tuberculosis

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