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Status: Complete

Year: 1930

Name of Deceased: First and Middle Name of Deceased: Last Address of Deceased Place of Death Physicians Name: First and Middle Physicians Name: Last Age at Death (Year) Date of Death (Month) Date of Death (Day) Name of Beneficiary: First and Middle Name of Beneficiary: Last Address of Beneficiary To Whom Paid: First and Middle To Whom Paid: Last Cause of Death
Nannie Dennis Culpepper Va Culpepper Va D. W. Kelly 52 November 22 Beulah Jones 1315 Presstman St Beulah Jones Cancer
Nancy Hick 639 W. Lee St 639 W. Lee St J. Guy Bowley 58 December 10 Georganna Hayes 1121 [Brisine ?] St John H. Toadrin, undertaker Chronic Nephritis, Cerebral Hemorrhage
Dan'l R. Wright 1102 Warner St 1102 Warner St H. G. Tompkins 57 December 7 Mary Wright 1102 Warner Mary Wright Broncho Pneumonia
Sam'l Red 921 S. Baylis St Balto. City Hospital Paul Padget 64 December 7 Maria Red 921 S. Baylis St Maria Red Lobar Pneumonia
Emma Mann 612 W. Fairmount Ave 612 W. Fairmount Ave D. Franklin 43 December 16 Marie Dudley 612 W. Fairmount Ave Marie Dudley Acute Lobar Pneumonia
James Parker Chambersburg Pa John H. Johnson 529 Dolphin St John H. Johnson
George Thomas 1020 W. Franklin St 1020 W. Franklin St J. T. Gunn 38 December 16 Leah McComas 1020 W. Franklin St Leah McComas Broncho Pneumonia
Matthew Mitchel 531 Somerset St Johns Hopkins Hospital Henry Lee 73 December 13 Sarah Collins Mitchell 531 Somerset St Sarah Collins Mitchell Burned
Kate Lomax 502 N. Central Ave Johns Hopkins Hospital J. H. Potter 52 December 15 Sam'l Rigdon 1211 Jefferson St Milton Davis, undertaker Hernia, Intestinal Obstruction
Henry Savage 609 N. Carrollton Ave 609 N. Carrollton Ave B. Hatcher 28 December 16 Jessie Savage 609 N. Carrollton Ave Jessie Savage Pulmonary Phthisis
Ellen J. Parker 207 Aisquith St 207 Aisquith St C. H. Fowler 60 December 16 Randolph Johnson 102 Diamond St Randolph A. Johnson Asthma, Heart Failure
Isabella Elkerson 517 W. Biddle St 517 W. Biddle St H. K. Pette 76 December 12 The Shelter for Women Old Folks Home 517 Biddle St Louisa H. Robinson, Pres. Aortic Insufficiency
James R. Williams 1618 E. Madison St Balto. City Hospital David Tenner 23 December 16 Blanche M. Williams 1618 E. Madison St Blanche M. Williams Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Hattie Sharp 89 Charles St, Annapolis Md 89 Charles St, Annapolis Md C. Mahoney 41 December 12 Wm. A. Sharps 89 Charles St Wm. A. Sharps Tuberculosis
Mary O. Anderson 1629 Mosher St 1629 Mosher St C. P. [Clautis-?] 69 December 18 Annie Webster 1629 Mosher St Annie Webster Nephritis
Charles Della 913 N. Dallas St 913 N. Dallas St R. J. Young 61 December 18 Chas. W. Della 1714 Harlem Ave Chas. W. Della Carcinoma Bladder
Annie Plater DuBois Md DuBois Md F. D. Chappler 49 December 18 Hattie Holland 748 W. Mulberry St Hattie Holland Diabetes
Chas. Della 913 N. Dallas St 913 N. Dallas St R. J. Young 61 December 18 Cora Della 913 N. Dallas St Cora Della Carcinoma Bladder
Homer Jackson 2423 Ridgely St 2423 Ridgely St J. B. Hawkins 42 December 22 Lula Jackson 2425 Ridgely St Lula Jackson Apoplexy
Ellen J. Parker 207 Aisquith St 207 Aisquith St C. H. Fowler 60 December 10 Trustees of Baltimore A.M.E. Conference 207 Aisquith St H. E. Walden, Supt. Paralysis, Cerebral Hemorrhage
Thomas Floyd 609 S. Sharp St 609 S. Sharp St Dan. Franklin 80 Decemver 19 Mary Floyd 528 Arlington Ave Mary Floyd Lobar Pneumonia
John Spearman Bel-Air Md Harve de Grace Hospital F. N. Steiner 34 December 25 Annie Spearman 911 N. Eden St Annie Spearman Diabetes, Coma
Donald Giles 1115 N. Bond St Johns Hopkins Hospital W. J. Fisher 2 December 21 Helen Giles 1508 Milliman St Helen Giles Acute Encephalitis
John Adylett 612 N. Bond St U. S. Marine Hospital G. A. Abbott 63 December 24 Florence Aydlett 612 N. Bond St Florence Aydlett Myocarditis
Mollie Purdin 246 S. Spring St 246 S. Spring St R. E. Erslinger 52 December 23 Fred Johnson 629 Marion Ct NW, Wash. D.C. George J. Ruth, inc., undertaker Cerebral Hemorrhage

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