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Status: Complete

Year: 1931

Name of Deceased: First and Middle Name of Deceased: Last Address of Deceased Place of Death Physicians Name: First and Middle Physicians Name: Last Age at Death (Year) Date of Death (Month) Date of Death (Day) Name of Beneficiary: First and Middle Name of Beneficiary: Last Address of Beneficiary To Whom Paid: First and Middle To Whom Paid: Last Cause of Death
Andrew Smith Mt. Airy Md Mt. Airy Md 69 Mar. 16 Mary E. Smith Mt. Airey Md Lizzie Smith cardiac Decompensation
Annie Braxton 1402 N. Dallas St 1402 N. Dallas St R.J. Young 54 Apr. 13 Wm. H. Green 1402 N. Dallas St Wm H. Green nephritis
Rosa E. Ashton 14 O St. N.E. Wash. D.C. 14 O. St. N.E. Wash. D.C. W.A. Wells Jr. 47 Mar. 3 Joseph Ashton 222 K. St. N.W. Wash. D.C. Joseph Ashton Chronic Endocarditis
John R. Harris 925 Ogden St Phila Pa. 925 Ogden N. Phila Pa J.C. Dean 47 Apr. 12 George W. Harris 639 N. Schroeder St George W. Harris Pseudo Bulbar Palsy
James Robinson Glenburnie Md. Glenburnie Md. J. Alexander 67 Apr. 9 Charles Jones 600 S. Paca St Charles Jones cerebral Hemorrhage
Harvey Gray St. Leonard Md. St. Leonard Md. E. Busive 40 Mar. 30 Ida E. Gray St. Leonard Md Ida E. Gray apoplexy
Anna Gardner 418 N. Caroline St 418 N. Caroline St R.J. Young 57 Apr. 14 Wm. H. Dobson 426 N. Fremont St Wm. H. Dobson Chronic Interstitial nephritis
Sarah Schey Irvington Va Kilanamock Va M.E. Nevis 50 Apr. 4 Hiram Grand Lodge 1622 Mad. Ave Floyd Clarke G.M. cardiac Insufficiency
Cornelia Burley 708 Saratoga St 708 Saratoga St A Lee Ellis 46 Apr. 15 Benj. Burley 708 W Saratoga St Benj. Burley organic heart disease
Chas Hurd Middletown Middletown Md J.S. Harp 55 Jan 24 C. Hurd Johnson Middletown C.H. Gladhill Heart
Hamell Chase Huntingtown Huntingtown J W. Leitch 69 Apr 14 Ben Tyler Huntingtown Md Benj. Tyler Bronchitis
Bertha Edlen Bryantown Bryantown Md Harry [Chapplon?] 30 Mar 10 John Butler Bryantown Md John Butler paralysis
Ellen James 121 W. Henrietta 121 W. Henrietta J.G. Burley 45 Apr 16 Robert James 121 N. Henrietta Robert James Uremia
Wm. A Logan 2440 [Arncap?] [illegible] 2440 [Arncap?] Ave Shepard [D?] 28 Apr 14 Edna B. Moore Logan 2440 [Amak?] Ave Edna M. Logan Paralysis
Nancy [Nyum?] Near La Cross Va Near La Cross Va A. Wilkinson 48 Mar 23 Colonel [Wm.?] 803 1st Colonel [Wm.?] Pneumonia
Ella Fall Dutton Va Dutton Va A. Bunell 40 Jan 9 James Taff 1010 Vincent St James Taff carcimonia
Marion Lanson Lilian Va Lilian Va R. Hunall 50 Apr 5 Bessie, Mary Lizzie Cottrell, Sydnor Reedville Va Bessie, Mary L. Cottrell, Sydnor apoplexy
Dennis Ross 541 Presstman Mercy Hos. Otto Reinhart 33 Apr 13 Margaret Urana Rose 541 Presstman M. Urana Rose Heart
Elizabeth Johnson 1511 Madison Ave 1511 Madison Ave Edw. Wheatley 28 Apr 5 Hiram Grand Lodge 1622 Mad. Ave Floyd Clark G.M. myocarditis
Elizabeth Alexander 822 China St Baltimore City Hos Jas. Glemore 60 Apr 18 Lizzie Nelson 502 N. Montg'y St Lizzie Nelson Hemorhage
Sadie Morris 216 Higgins St Easton Md Hayward Roll 49 Apr 10 Bertha Miller 207 Higgins Easton Bertha Miller myocarditis
Richard Penell 903 N. Spring 903 N. Spring G.C. Blades 52 Apr 20 Robert Johnson 903 N. Spring Robert Johnson Pneumonia
Maggie Villiaine 1405 Madison Ave 1405 Madison Ave H.S. McCard 49 Apr 18 Oscar, Hyland Villianie 1812 W. 2d, 1405 Mad. Ave Oscar, Hyland Villianie arterio sclerosis
John H. Macon Black Rock S.C. Chester S.C. W.D. Wallace 58 Apr 16 Joseph Macon 1000 Bennett Pl Joseph Macon Valvular Heart Disease
Laura V. Roye 1502 McCulloh St Provident Hospital Chas. Decassen 49 Apr 20 Leon S. Roye 1502 McCulloh St Leon S. Roye Toxemia, Pneumonia

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