Monday, January 7, 1918




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A cloudy day and some warmer.
To night the wind is blowing.
Ben went to Strait Stone.
Marvin went to see Charles.
He is some better off a gain.
Josie has bin sick all day.
I got dinner to day
and sewed a little.
Miss Smith sent the drugget
home to day by Irvin Harvey
and Robert Reynolds.
I got a letter from Lottie
to day.

7 30 oclock

Notes and Questions

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Bryan Galloway

OK... so I can see your inclination to think that "DRUGGET" says "drugs" since Josie was sick... but that last letter looks like her "t" with the little squiggle on top. What about "drugget" which wiki says is a coarse woolen fabric?

Ben W. Brumfield

I agree with Bryan on "Drugget", though I wonder what it could have been used for? Cheap thin fabric would have been good for covering plantbeds, but why would Miss Smith be sending it?