December 11, 1928

Sister Mary Antony
Saint Mary's School
Peekskill, New York

My dear Miss Antony:

I am very grateful to you for your prompt and
most helpful reply to my recent letter of inquiry. I am
glad, also, to have the report of Helen Tsai's scholar-
ship standing to date and to find that Helen has been
proving a satisfactory member of your school community.

My own feeling just now is that Helen will prob-
ably be much better off to make her headquarters with you
for the Christmas holiday season, though I do not for a
moment wish to ask anything unreasonable. Before I de-
cide the question definitely, I am going to find out from
Mrs. Nye in South Weymsuth whether she has any plans or
wishes that would tend to alter my judgment. I wish I
could provide for both Helen and her brother here in And-
over, but this does not seem practicable or wise. I imagine,
though, that she and her brother both will wish to have a
part of their vacation together, and in that case, South
Weymouth would be the natural meeting point. If, as you
have suggested, you are planning to visit Boston after
Christmas, I should judge that the South Weymouth visit
could most satisfactorily be planned for that period.

Again thanking you most sincerely for the help
you have given me, and trust that I may be able to ad-
vise you a bit more definitely within the next few days,
believe me

Very sincerely yours,


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