December 7, 1928

[rubber stamp Received Dec 11 1928
Answered 12/11
File Sister Mary Antony
re Helen Tsai
& sent to Mrs Nye]

Dr. Alfred E. Stearns
Phillips Academy
Andover, Mass.

My dear Dr Stearns:

I am in receipt of your letter of December
5th in regard to Helen's Christmas holidays. I shall
be very glad to have her spend the time here if she
could be happy in so doing. We will probably have
four other children, so that she would not be alone.
Whenever any children spend their vacations here we
make a special point of planning something for their
interest and amusement.

It will be possible to send Helen to New
York for several days to visit the museums and other
places of interest. I think that she would enjoy
doing this.

If this plan meets with your approval
I shall be only too glad to do anything that I can
for Helen for she has been a very acceptable member
of our household. She has been very conscientious
in her work and in carrying out every school regulation.
We have all enjoyed having her here.

If it seems best to you for her to spend
a part of her holiday in South Weymouth I think it could
be so arranged that she could have company to Boston.
If she went the day school closes she would have the
companionship of several other pupils on their way to
different points in New England. Soon after Christmas
I shall probably go to Boston for a week, possibly
longer. I think a trip to Boston could be planned
quite satisfactorily for Helen.

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