December 17, 1928

Miss Helen Tsai
Saint Mary's School
Peekskill, New York

Dear Helen:

I have just received your letter of December 15
and am hurrying off this note and check to you by the af-
ternoon mail. You ought to receive them, therefore, be-
fore Wednesday when your vacation begins.

By all means accept Mrs. Nye's invitation to
spend the vacation with her in South Weymouth. I am sure
this will prove the happiest arrangement for you and Alfred
since there is really nothing in Andover during the holiday
season to interest you and employ your time. I had suggest-
ed in a letter to Sister Mary Antony that you might spend
part of the vacation, at least, at Saint Mary's, but if
Mrs. Nye is willing to have you for the entire period, so
much the better, provided, of course, this meets with your
own wishes. Anyway you care to divide the period between
Saint Mary's and the Nyes will be perfectly satisfactory to

Very sincerely yours,

Encl. (check)

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