[Rubber stamp Received DEC 13 1927 Answered tick symbol File Tsai]

Whittier School
Merrimac, Mass.
Dec 12, 1927

My dear Dr. Stearns,
Our Christmas vaaction will begin on this Saturday.
I would like very much to go to Chinatown for dinner this coming Sunday. Will you let me go? There are two of my schoolmates will go with me together. They are very nice girls. I hope when you receive this letter and will tell me now that I can go or not, so I will let them know.

With best wishes,
Sincerely yours
Helen Tsai

[in pencil at bottom: Helen's vacation begins Fri night. Will leave Har. 9: 31 train Sat a.m. arr Andover 9:52]

[in pencil, arrown to Chinatown senetence: Mrs. Russell will investigate & decide-]

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