Mr. Tsai Ting-Kan--2

Another factor that enters into the situation is that I
don't wish to locate Helen, if I can help it, too far from her brother
or from me. There are excellent schools scattered through the East,
several of which i should consider in every way suitable for Helen in
this stage of her development, but they are for the msot part at some
distance from us here and would involve crossing large cities, like
New York, on the journies to and from. This presents a big problem,
for, even when Alfred and Helen have occasion to cross Boston, I am ac-
customed to have some responsible person take them in charge, as I do
not feel that they, or Alfred at least, are quite ready to assume re-
sponsibilties of this kind for themselves.

I note your suggestions about books for the children, and
I will from time to time secure books of the character you have mention-
ed and present them as presents from you and Mrs. Tsai, as you have re-
quested. Helen is immensely interested in good literature already, and
I hope and believe that we shall eventually stir something of this de-
sirable enthusiasm in Alfred as well. Your own experience corresponds
with mine, for it was not until well into my college course that I be-
came thoroughly interested in my work and ambitious to make the most out
of the opportunities offered me. We must be patient, therefore, with
Alfred who is still just a normal wholesome boy.

The moment this opening pressure is off I hope to be
able to send you statements of the children's expenses and expendi-
tures to date.

With kindest regards to Mrs. Tsai and yourself and the
hope that you are enjoying your new home, believe me

Ever sincerely yours,


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