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[Rubber stamp Received June 20, 1927 Answered 7/18 File Tsai]

Darien, Manchuria
May 24th, 1927

My dear Dr. Stearns,

Your welcome letter of Apr. 21 came yesterday through Tientsin. The telegram you mentioned never reached me. Your letter of March 29th informed me of your safe receipt of the $6,000 so I was relieved on the subject.
If you can possibly arrange it I should like the children to be put to a summer school to make up lost time. Helen has already written expressing her wish to go to such a school. Alfred must go to catch up. One or two weeks in the hottest season for a short vacation will do. A school in a cool locality will obviate the necessity of

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4 the priciples of the problem. If we appeal to his ambition and to his sense of honor we can make him toe the mark. If he can tell his teachers why he fails (on any subject it's half the battle).
My wife and I are both thankful and grateful to you for your very nice letter. We do hope that you will watch the moral and intellectual attitude of the children. If they do well or otherwise let us know without delay. Should they develop some unexpected evil trait it should be remedied at once. What a responsibility on all of us! I consider my children not as gifts from God but as his trusts.
Yours ever gratefully
Tsai Ting Kan

My address is:
No. 2, Yamachiro Cho

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