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The account they have given us of his
sickness and death are as satisfactory as
The circumstances will admit - but it is very
sad and trying, and we all, but especially
Joseph feels his loss very keenly - the two
brothers were all of The family and They had
been separated but very little during Their
lives and most of The time have been in
business together. Reuben's daughter Annie
as married in first month to Gordon
Moore of Troy and is comfortably settled
in That city; she and her husband are now
here awaiting the arrival of the remains
which were immediatley forwarded by
express - Charles lives in Illinois -
We were rejoiced to hear That They son was
released from That horrible prison, but very
sorry to hear That he had sufferd so much.
I think he ought to be at home now and have
good nursing and rest - Thou enquired about
D- Jobeys sons - Sam is still in The Army - Tom [staid?]
until he was so sick he could not do any thing
and Then came home and resigned - he is

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but not strong. The rest of The Drs family
are in usual health excepting Lydia [Breed?]
who has been quite unwell for several weeks.
We heard nothing from our William for sev-
eral months until about a month ago we
received a very nice letter saying that They were
all well and apparantly getting along comfortably.
says They are having a pleasant spring although
they have had a snow stom which was a great
novelty There - we are having a very cold un-
pleasant spring. The prevalence of easterly
wind is unprecedented - to day it is blowing
raining, hailing and snowing by turns - we
however had a mild pleasant winter. I am
glad to hear That you have made a good [underline]lot[/underline]
of butter This spring and have got a [priser?]
for it - I enjoy it when The farmers get The ben-
efit of high prices - but I have not much
patience with speculators - yes we are very
fortunate in having one firkin of butter still
unopened and by The time That is gone I trust
That The price will be somewhat lower for
if it is not I am afraid That we should have

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