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our health are about as good
as usual except my [?ness] in
one of my nee which has been quite
troublesome ever [ere?] returned from
the east. [W?] L health seems to
be improving so he can [do?] [?]
[higher?] work he is now making
[chese?] [boxes?] has [made?] near 300
we feel a goodeal encouraged about

In much love to thee
in which [Sylvia?] and the
children join me I [remain?]
as ever thy friend William Dean

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North Ferrisburgh 8 Mo 29/61

Respected friend
R B Stevens

On arriving home
last eveningI found thy acceptable
letter was glad to hear from you
but was not a little surprised to hear
of thy interesting [son?] [W?] having
enlisted in the Army after being so
tenderly brought up, and instructed in
the Christian principals as laid down
by our [underline]saviour[/underline], whose commands
were to love our enemies and pray
for them that deceitfully use us,
these commands I believe must
ever stand before him in [capital?]
letters more [b?] than all the
Stars and Stripes, so long as there
is one feeling in our heart to look
to him for preservation and support
and as he has [emphaticle?] declared
that he that takes the sword shall
perish by the sword, which I believe

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