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we shall find to be fullfiled for
if we are not destroyed by weapens
of war, it has a tendency to destroy
every tender feeling that would
enable us in true faith and [confition?]
to approach our Heavenly Father in [supplication?]
for preservation in even [?]

I feelt much for thee
in the [tryed?] [?] thy feeling
heart must be brought in to on
such an occasion, can but hope
thou wilt be enabled to apply
to that [savior?] who alone can give
relief - -

I returned home last evening
from Lincoln have spent a week
or more in that section with [?]
Mother [Meader?] who has been with
us about 5 weeks expects to go to
[Farnham?] [next?] week and from there
to Boston is in hopes that [way?] will
make to come and visit you.

[page break]

her health is quite poor and she [appears?]
much worse from care and fatigue
before leaving home by the sickness
[& death?] of a grand daughter caused by a disease
of the spine caused by a fall she was
a bout 8 years old. Wilton Reese
and his sister Elizabeth were at our
monthly meeting yesterday at [Sarahs?].
they expect to be at your plase on
first day I believe. Wm & Cinthia
Knowls are [jubilated?] have their
answer at their next monthly
meeting and I havent heard any objection.
[L?] R Meader was yesterday
[?] by our Monthly Meeting
to the station of Elder by [large?]
expresion of unity -

we have just recd a letter
from Eliza they are about as well
as usual for them [sais?] [Huldoh?]
Hoag attend their Quaterly meeting
her health is quite poor

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