named after the projector of the Univer-
sity, "Bishop Popes" Spring.

There seems now no question but
what the magnificent plan will be car-
ried out according to the conception of
its founders. More than $400,000,
dollars have already been secured for its
endowment during the last twelve
months, and this from probably not over
one hundred persons. A more general
canvass will be made during the ensuing
year, and it is expected that not less
than one hundred million of dollars will
be secured.

Operations will be actively commenc-
ed towards the buildings early in the
ensuing year. It is a part of the sys-
tem that the interest of the funds raised
shall alone be used--thus keeping its
constantly increasing principal intact,
so that when it goes into operation it
will have the income of its whole capi-
tal to further its developements and se-
cure its success.

The plan seems very popular with al[l?]
classes at the South, it is by no means
consiidered as restricted to the religious
body under whose patronage it is crea-
ted, but as a great institntion designed to
benefit the whole South and to raise
the standard of education throughout
the whole country.

It is a part of the object to encourage
the establishment of summer residences
for the planters of the South, where
they can bring their families and ser-
vants and pass the hot season with
all the advantages of a temperate cli-
mate and with the pleasant association
of a literary and highly cultivated soci-
ety; while the advantages of proximity
to the libraries and lecture halls of th[e?]
University will be an additional attrac[t-?]


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