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8, rue Duphot, 8
Thursday May 21st '96
My Dearest One,
I can only give
you a line tonight as I
have such a naughty
headache. We reached Paris
last evening and went
to a Pension which did
not prove quite all it
was pictured to us, so
this morning we transferred
our selves and our affections
to the old stamping ground
Hotel Burgundy.
We did the ["Louvre" ?]
gallery this afternoon &
then took a lovely drive
down the Champs Elysees
to the Arc de Triomphe &
back by way of the [Madeleine ?]

Oh, how I wish you were
here, my dear one, how
we should enjoy it together.
Dad and I talk english
with the utmost [sincerity ?]
to these poor wretched
frenchmen. We find
that if we make no attempt
at French, they manage
to understand us some how.
What joy it will be
to get back to the land
of tea, tea, tea, and
I expect your letter
of Sunday May 11th
is already in England
I shall get it by Saturday
How little I thought just
a month ago tonight that

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