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Letter No 80. Thursday Oct 30th

Major J.H. Massey
6 Palestinian Coy, The Buffs

My own sweet darling Barbara

I am afraid I get very impatient these days
when I do not hear from you for some time. It is
now 12 days since I last had anything from you at all &
I suppose that really is not too bad, as long as
it does not go on for many days longer. I can hardly
expect your letter opes to arrive like clockwork - but
still, I cannot help feeling impatient. Your next letter should
contain the snaps of you in a bathing costume. I am
dying to have them & also any time now these
should be a direct reply from you to my A.G. & b.c.
about our plans for reunion. And in any case, I want to
hear from you, sweetheart, to know what you & Maxie
are doing & that you love me.

Tuesday Nov 4th I'm afraid that this is a far as I have
gone since last Thursday. Very bad, I'm afraid darling, but
I will finish this tonight & post it in the morning
& so keep to my minimum of one letter a week. I still
have not heard from you, & I'm afraid to have been
having an acute attack of depression & woodeness &
simply could not bring myself to write. Also, I have
been away two of the four nights. On Friday, I had to
go up to Haifa for a Court of Inquiry, to be a witness.
I finished at about 3.30 & so called on the Hopkins'
to see them & have some tea - I found them out.
But the maid gave me a tea - I was just off at
4.30 when Jack came back & insisted that I stay
the night & be sent back in the morning
in a Navy car. I gladly accepted this, as I felt
badly in need of a change of company. I was

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