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just a bad patch & is getting me down a bit. And though
I think for hours & hours about you, & my whole life
continues to revolve round you. I do not seem to have
the heart to write very much about my thoughts &
about you & about Max. Perhaps & I think it has
something to do with the war situation. It is so
tense & tremendous. I am watching it so
eagerly & always & only in connection with when
& how it can end & so bring you & I [?]
together again. It is now over four months since
the Nazis attacked Russia & always it seems that soon
things will go in a decisive way. And I watch
movements of troops & aircraft out here, for another
smash in the Western Desert. And the bombing
of Italy & what that may mean. And American
politics. And what is Japan going to do. It is
all so tremendous, & so horribly slow & long
drawn out. I know the result of the war, just as
well as you do, & millions of others, but it is all
taking such a ghastly long time. And I long
with all my heart & soul to be with you, my
darling Barbara. Nothing else in this world can
give me even the slightest satisfaction, & still less
so when compared with my passionate longing
to be with you. How can I arrange & organise my
life when that is how I feel & always will &
certainly more & more. I do hope my next letter
will be a better & brighter & longer one. I'm very fit
& well darling. Eternal love to you my sweetheart. H. XXXX

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