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Darling, you asked me in your letter if I had any
chance of further promotion, in order that I might have
more influence in getting you out here at some time
in the future. But, I am afraid that the chances are
very thin & as I told you before, I cannot see any goal
ahead at which to aim. As you say, my present job is pretty
dull, in a way - but I knock quite a lot of interest out
of it in one way & another as I certainly take it
seriously & I am always training away to really make
something of this unit. Though I say it myself, there
is not the faintest shadow of doubt that mine is
far & away the best Coy in training & discipline &
smartness & general efficiency. But nobody ever really
takes enough interest in us to get to know this.

You see I already have command of the Coy & that
is a Major's command & that is all there is about
that. The only Lt. Col. in connection with these
Coys is the O.C. P.R.T.D. - & now that Col. Leicester
has left there, that job has been taken on by
another Regular Officer. It would never occur to
the big [noises?] that a non-Regular could do such
a job. So that mean: that a job must turn up
in some other direction, on a H.Q. or Base or Line
of Communication or what you will. And it is highly
unlikely that a Lt Col's job in such a place or Unit
would come my way. There are far too many
Regular majors in those places already to allow
such things to slip through their fingers. So you

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