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do it, that was as much as I expected - but I wanted
them to know what I was coming to see them
about before I arrived. I shall wait until I hear
about the other thing.

I must have supper & go to the concert.

Thursday, Nov 27th - You said in your letter, my darling, that you
were afraid that I had been indiscreet in my cable to
you about posting home. I don't think so, because in any
case it would not have mattered if the contents had
come to official notice because the request was a
perfectly genuine one. And anyway, I do not think
any spying is done on correspondence. Actually, not a
single one of your letters has yet been opened. You
told me that I had never given you this information
& neither have you given it to me, darling!

This war does go on & on & on, doesn't it. It is really
amazing. In your letter of 12th Oct you say the next
two weeks will tell whether Moscow will fall or
not. And here we are, 6 weeks later & the battle is
more tense & furious than ever - & the Germans are
nearer to Moscow I am afraid. And now it is my
turn to say that the next two weeks will decide.

I have a feeling that the Russians will hold out &
that it will be another turning point in the
war. You notice I say "another" - I wish there
could be such a thing as the turning point.
I also have a feeling that Japan will back down.
I really do think that America might have looked
after the Far East - instead of our having to

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