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things going. In any case, it is all justification for
Cole's high prices & Aunt Sarah's excellent knitting
& yours too, my sweetheart.

The Eusa show last night was excellent. Delycia did
not appear, as she had sung to about 2000 troops in
the open air in Egypt & bust her throat up. But
there were some nice legs, which the lads enjoyed
a pianist from Henry Hall's Orchestra, & a zylophonist
from Jack Hyltans - a Lancashire comedian who
was a Welchman but had lived in Manchester
for 44 years & various other people. And the drinks
were on the R.A.F. which was good too. It all
reminded me of the Leeds Empires - the sort of
show you would not take your fiancee to.
I hope Sandy is alright. I used to enjoy those
evenings, didn't you darling? I mean going to
the Empire - not out with Sandy. Though really
all evenings with you were heaven. Never again
shall I take them for granted - if ever I find
myself doing so I shall punch myself & remind
myself of this awful, ghastly, miserable period
when there were no such things. I used
to think of you all day, & sit every night &
long & pine for you. Give my love to Maxie
please darling - & put a pin in his nappies from
me. And all my dearest love to you, my
beloved lovely sweetest Barbara. Your own
XXXX Harry X

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