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from the Enemy and repulsed them with the loss of 8000 of their chosen
Troopes and the french king being resolued to attacque itt with freash troops
everyday day to become Master Master of itt in 2 houres after ordred
10000 freash men to make a 3d assault the same day wherein Coll
Cohern the Governor shewed a great deal of Courage and Bravery butt was unfortu
nately wounded yett Incouraged his men to repulse the enemy but on a
L. C. 2104
London 23 June 1692
The Paris Gazett saith that Monsieur
Tourvill being sent for to attend the King in
fflanders and there was greate Expectacon
of his being disgraced and sent to the Bastile
butt on the Contrary the King told him he
was sattesfied he had don his Best and
persued his orders and tooke the whole
Blame upon himselfe for Ordering him
possitively to ffight the English and Dutch
They add that so soone as Namure is
reduced they will send a Grand detach
ment into Germany and Marquess
Bouffloures into ffrance to Gaurd the Coasts
and pretends that Duke Luxenburg not
withstanding shall ffight the Confederate
The Merchants on the Exchange
haue Letters overland that Aurenzeb
Grand Emperrour of the Mogull in India
dyed in November Last in the 95 yeare
of his age
The Lord Sidney has for sometyme
deferred his goeing for Ireland and possi
tiuely fixed the 4 July to sett forwards
to his Government of that Kingdom
The Lord Pagett is arrived att ffrank
ford ion his way from Vienna to the Kinges
Camp where he receiues Instructions and
Credentiall Letters to the Grand Seignuer

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Aurenzeb commonly spelt Aurangzeb in fact died 1707