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sudden heard a Party beat behind him by Colonel
Beaumont byWho had betrayd the towne & some
of the men being ffateagued agreed to surrender that
Important place - They add Colonel Cohern was
said to be gott into the castle which was beleiued Might
hold out 10 dayes Longer tho' the french pretended
they would be Master of itt in 8 dayes The Letters
add that on the 28th the whole army made publique
prayers to God to bless their Endeavours against the Enemy
whome they were Just Marching against but Euery
day the King looked for the arriuall of the Lunen
burg fforces wthhich his Maiesty was willing should
Joyn him before he Engaged as wanteing their
number of horse being 12000

[side note]
The honourable Sir Richard Newdigate Baronet
at Arbury
near Coventry
[/side note]

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Colonel Cohorn (also spelt Coehoorn) see https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=M_dnCkWnO1AC&pg=PA388&lpg=PA388&dq=colonel+cohorn