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A Speciall Commission of Dyer
& Perminer is ordered to bee taken out to bee
held on the 26 Instant att the Towne of
Winchester in order to Try diuers persons for
Embesseling the Kings Stores in his Yard of
Portsmouth is being found by the Grand
Iury some whereof are officers of the said
Yard & will bee Tryed for theire Lives
ffalmouth the 8th the Spanish
Expedicion Packett boate is come in heere
from the Groyne haveing in her way mett
& fought a ffrench: Privatteer of 26 Guns for
24 houres when the Privetteer was forced
to beare off verey much Shattered and a
Dutch Caper has brought in here a ffrench:
Prize of about 60 Tuns Laden with
Cordage &c for the ffrench: ffleet The Captain
of the said Caper Sayes that hee Saw off of
the [Seames] 25 great ffrench: men of warr
Portsmouth the 11th: Sir Iohn
Ashby & vice Admirall Rook are still att
Spithead with about 70 Seale of Men
of Warr
The Princes & Princess of
Denmarke come to Towne the beginning
of next Weeke
Paris the 9th: of 7ber his
Maiesty went Yesterday to See King Iames
Spouse & theire 2 Children att Ste: ~
[Ierme..s Enlay] but the Kings God daug
hter Maria Sovisa is taken Sick of the
Convulsions & tis beleived will Scarce
Vpon advice that the Enemy
has a designe to forme Some Seige in
fflanders his Maiesty has ordered the ~
Musquateers & other Troopes of ~

of his Household to bee ready to March
thitherwards promising to assist himselfe
in person Letters from Grenoble of
the 4th: Instant say that we are puting that
Town into a posture of defence planting
100 Peices of Cannon vpon the Ramparts
thereof & 24 Cannon are Carryed from
Versailles to assist them thereon
The same Letters bring an
account that the Duke: of Savoy being Sick
of the Small Pox att Ambrum has ordered
Count Caparara notwithstanding his ~
Indisposition to pursue the proiected ~
designes with the Army as if hee were ~
present att the head of them & declared in
Case of Mortallity that the vigorous Prince ~
[Dugen] of Savoy his nearest relacion for
want of Issue Maie Succeed him in his ~~
Territoryes & new Conquests & that hee pursue
the warr to the vtmost without ever harking
to a Peace with the ffrench: King without ioynt
Consent of all the Allies
These Letters add that 3 [...]
are arrived from the New Converts of
Lontongue with an address to the ffrench: King-
wherein they declare theire Abhorrance
of the Duke: of Savoyes coming in an Hostile
manner into the Kingdome of ffrance:
and that they would with theire vtmost
power Endeavour to represse the same
& remaine firme & Inviolable to the
Interest of his Maiesty but with all desired
liberty of Conscience
The right honourable Earle
of Montague was the Close of the
last weeke married with the Dutches of Albemarle being an Extraordinary great
ffortune Shee haveing 6000li per & Annum besides a vast Summe of money & Iules = This day
the Lord Newburgh was marryed with the Lord Brutnells daughter haueing a porcion of 12000[li]:
with her = This day Admirall Russell came into the Counsell & gave the Queene an account: of
This Summers Service att sea = This day Sir: Ralph Dellevall came to Towne - The

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Lucio Alvarez

'seale' should be 'saile'
I'm unable to transcribe the 5 vertical lines on the left because the box doesn't allow me to drag the page far enough to make those lines readable. I sent an email to From the Page, so hopefully they'll fix the problem.