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Niagara 24 Dec 1766


My concern is inexpressible by not hearing from you
You'll see by my Journal which, I now send you, how necessary
'twould be, that I should have some Certain rule for my Conduct,
If the Comanding officer has a right to Command me, & these
under me. I should know it. this very instant I am in distress
for my Interpreter that is detained at Capt. Brown's who is
constantly ordering him thro & Fro. I think from Mr Collinds
beheavior in Supporting. so Strong an Interest for Shrienar,
I think he is not entitled to a pass for trade, which if not already
on the way to him, hope you'll prevent the governor giving him

I find that If Frazier had gone up to Fort Erie,
he would have been Severely handled. Mr. Carpenter told me he
would not have answered if any such Bum Bailif Rascale
had arrived. Tho Capt. Brown writes such polite leters
offering assistance & yet I see every precaution taken to pre
-vent its having effect. I believe the Traders are
convinced I have done my utmost for them & have been
indifattigable in the executions of my office, at the same time
as polite & respectfull to the Comd. officer as possible

DeConagne who is just now left him says he seems
to lay a great Stress upon Letters not coming to hand. &
says he believes you think a great deal. I dont know what
he means but he has told DeConagne he has or will give
an order he shant go out of this Fort without acquain-
ting him. So it seems he has look'd upon it, as nothing, my
acquainting him he was going along with me

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DeConagne was an interpreter at Niagara.