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If I could advise the General that post at Fort Erie should
be abandon'd & little Niagara establish'd it will every winter
be a nest for Smugling. & in the Comd. offr. will put what goods
he can on board the Vessell. as may be ascertain'd by the Small
Cargoes, that have been Carried to Detroit. so should any accident
happen to detain the Vessell till late next Season. Michilimackinac
at least must be abandoned, the present Commandant says. let the
Sentrys be ever so Alert. he with three men could take the Fort
for with reason he should take the better Care I told him as by his
own account some Indians had been roughly handled there
There is one McCarty who Interpreted for you at this place. who
lives among the Indians about 10 Leagues from that place, on the
Lake side he has a very bad Character I shall try to get him down
to you in the Spring. I hear he recd. large presents from Pollerd
last year

Sally Mentour has built a Hut & Trades opposite to Fo
Erie. I hear that Shrienar at arrival of Pollerds Express went
over to her house & that the Sergt. of the Fort had Orders not to
let any Stranger into it. Mr. Carpenter said, when I shew'd
him Capt Brown's Order. he was much surprised he should
give such a one, that his former business down to Niagara was
to settle about Shrienars, staying at Fort Erie, wch he thought
settled & wondered C. Brown. could act so contrary

The situation of my affairs at present forces me to be very
explicit at present. (tho there are numberless little Slights & Insults
thrown on the Department would be too tedious to enumerate) If

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Sally Mentour (1728-1823) was known as "Oneida Sally" an Indian woman from Pennsylvania. She was a consummate trader.