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Governor St. Clair at Fort Harmer, or, in his absence to the officer commanding
there; as soon as conveniently may be. And for the true performance
of this agreement they do now agree to deliver into his hands two
Persons of the Wyandot Nation to be retained in the hands of the
United States as hostages, untill the said prisoners are restored;
After which they shall be sent back to their Nation.

Article 2d. And Whereas, at the beforementioned Treaty, it was
agreed between the United States and said Nations, that a Boundary
Line should be fixed between the Lands of those Nations and the
Territory of the United States, which boundary is as follows Viz:
Begining at the mouth of Cayahoga river and running thence
up the said river to the Portage between that and the Tuscaraua
Branch of Muskingum, then down the said branch to the Forks at
the crossing place above Fort Lawrence, Thence westerly, to the
Portage on that Branch of the big Miami River, which
runs into the Ohio at the mouth of which Branch the
Fort stood, which was taken by the French in the Year of our
Lord one thousand Seven hundred and fifty two; Then
along the said portage to the Great Miami, or Omie river,
and down the south East side of the same to its mouth, thence
along the south Shore of Lake Erie, to the mouth of-
Cayahaga, where it began, And the said Wyandot; Delaware
Ottowa & Chippewa Nations for and in consideration of the-
peace then granted to them by the Said United States, and
the presents they then received, as well as of a Quantity of Goods
to the Value to Six thousand Dollars now delivered to them by
the said Arthur St. Clair, the receipt whereof They do

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