Status: Complete

hereby acknowledge: do by these presents renew and confirm the said
Boundary Line: to the end that the same may remain as a -
division Line between the Lands of the United States of America,
and the Lands of the said Nations for ever. And the -
undersigned Indians do hereby in their own names and the
names of their respective Nations and Tribes, their heirs and
Descendants, for the consideration above mentioned, release
quit claim, relinquish and cede to the said United States, all
the Land, East, South and West of the Lines above described
so far as the said Indians formerly claimed the same; for them,
the said United States, to have and to hold the, in true and
absolute propriety for ever.-

Article 3d. The United States of America do by these presents,
relinquish and quit claim to the said Nations respectively, all
the Lands lying between the Limits above described for them the
said Indians, to live and hunt upon and otherwise to occupy as
they shall see fit. But the said Nations or either of
them shall not be at liberty to sell or dispose of the same
or any part thereof to any Sovereign Power, except the United
States, nor to the Subjects or Citizens of any other Sovereign
Power, nor to the Subjects or Citzens of the United States.

Article 4th. It is agreed between the said United States, and the
Said Nations; that the Individuals of said Nations shall be
at Liberty to hunt within the Territory ceded to the United
States without hindrance or Molestation, so long as They
Demean themselves peaceably, and offer no injury or annoyance
to any of the Subjects or Citizens of the Said United States.

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