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least once in every year. -
Article 8th. Should any Nation of Indians meditate a war against the
United States or either of them, and the same shall come to the knowledge of the
before mentioned Nations or either of them, They do hereby engage to give immediate
notice thereof to the Governor, or in his absence to the Officer Commanding the Troops of
the United States at the nearest Post. And should any Nation with hostile
intentions against the United States or either of them attempt to pass thro
their Country They will endeavour to prevent the same and in like-
manner give information of such attempt to the said Governor or
Commanding Officer as soon as possible, that all causes of mistrust
and Suspicion may be avoided between them and the United
States. In like manner The United States shall give notice to the said
Indian Nations of any harm that may be meditated against them
or either of them that shall come to their knowledge, and do all
in their power to hinder and prevent the same that the
friendship between them may be uninterruipted.
Article 9th. If any person or persons, Citizens or Subjects of the United
States, or any other person not being an Indian, shall presume to settle upon the
Lands confirmed to the said Nations, he and they shall be out of the protection
of the United States, and the said Nations may punish him or them in
such manner as they shall see fit.

Article 10th. The United States renew the reservation hertofore made
in the beforementioned Treaty at Fort McIntosh for the Establishment
of trading Posts in manner and form following; that is to say, Six Miles
Square at the mouth of the Miami or Omie River, Six Miles Square at
the Portage upon that branch of the Miami which runs into the Ohio.
Six miles Square upon the Lake Sandusky where the Fort formerly stood,
and Two miles Square upon each side the Lower Rapids on Sandusky

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