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River which posts, and the Lands annexed to them shall be for the Use and under
the Government of the United States.

Article 11th. The port of Detroit with a District of Land, beginning at
the mouth of the River Rasine, at the west end of Lake Erie and-
running up the Southern Bank of said river Six Miles; thence northerly
and always Six miles west of the strait, untill it strikes the Lake
St. Clair shall be reserved for the use of the United States.

Article 12th. In like manner the post at Michelimackinac with its
Dependencies and twelve Miles Square about the same shall be reserved
to the sole use of the United States.

Article 13th. The United States of America do hereby renew and
Confirm the peace and friendship entered into with the said Nations
at the Treaty beforementioned held at Fort McIntosh and the
Said Nations again acknowledge themselves and all their tribes
to be under the protection of the Said United States and no
other Power whatever.

Article 14th. The United States of America do also receive
into their friendship and protection the Nations of the Potawatamies
and Sacs, and do hereby Establish a League of peace and Amity
Between them respectively and all the Articles of this treaty
so far as they apply to these nations are to be considered as
made and Concluded in all and Every part, expressly with
them and each of them. ~

Article 15th. And Whereas in describing the Boundary
beforementioned, the Words if strictly constructed, would cary it
from the portage on that branch of the Miami which runs
into the Ohio, over to the River au Glaize which was neither

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