Status: Complete

the Intention of the Indians nor of the Commissioners, it is hereby
declared that the Line shall run from the Said portage directly
to the first fork of the Miami River, which is to the Southward
and Eastward of the Miami Village thence down the Main
branch of the Miami River to the Said Village and thence down
that river to Lake Erie and along the margin of the Lake
to the place of Beginning.

Done at Fort Harmer on the Miskingum this
Ninth day of January in the Year of our Lord One thousand
Seven hundred and Eighty nine; In Witness whereof
the Parties have hereunto interchangeably set thier hands
and Seals.

{each Indian name followed by a pictogram abbreviated "PIC"}

Kanotikina PIC Nanamakeak PIC Tayondatontra PIC

Wetenasa PIC Chayawe PIC

Tepakee PIC Soskine PIC Doyenteat PIC

Peuanakum PIC Tarhe PIC

Keshewa PIC Mesass PIC Terhataw PIC

Pauhguash PIC Data Say PIC

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I did not know what to do with the symbols used to sign and skipped this page as a result.