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Edinr. to York

I must part with my mother. Oh what
a trial to leave & part with her whom I loved
[struck through: better than] so dearly & my father too &
Jessie Mary, Robert & William I assumed
composure I was far from feeling. My heart
was ready to burst but I must tear myself
away. the hour has come & I must go
My father Robt. Wm. Taylor, Fred, James T.
at the station bade me good
bye & off we went
Left N.B. Station at 9.15 Stopped Dunbar 5 minutes
Berwick 10 minutes . I went outside the station at
Berwick but it being dark I could see very
little, however I saw the Tweed & could make
out the general appearance of the town We
stopped again at Newcastle & York at
the latter we had 20 minutes & I went into
the refreshment rooms to have a cup of
coffee for which I paid 1/ rather
scalped. I saw the Cathedral
A young fellow sitting opposite me in the
train & I went to see it, it is a

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At the top of the page, 1st word is transcribed as Edwr. to York. But as this diary is describing travel that started at Edinburgh, I think the 1st word is Edin with a superscripted character maybe.