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Monday August 17th 1857.

I awoke this morning at 6 oclock after a good
nights sleep the steward brought me some coffee
at 7 clock which did me a great deal of good
I can get up now feeling only a little squeamish
& a slight headache. on awaking here in the
morning one night imagine they were in the midst
of a farmyard. there are cocks crowing geese
cackling pigs grunting ducks quacking sheep
bleating cows bellowing dogs barking & the
medley filled up by the "niggers" who make
such a horrid yelling we have had rather a
rough night of it the cabin windows are all
bolted down. The Fushia which I got from
Fred still keeps green although I am afraid
it will not stand the voyage I lost a good
deal of the earth out of the pot between London
& Southampton & the sea air will be too strong
for it. however I hope with good doctoring
it may yet see Calcutta. I have been upon
deck & what a beautiful sight meets the
eye. Our fine ship tearing through the

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