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Cape so that the first land we are likely to
see is Madeira. At 5 oclock this afternoon
a whale came tumbling out under our bows
threw up a tremendous foam round about throwing
up his tail & then sinking down under water
a minute or two rising up again. We saw it
on the surface about a dozen times. the sailors
said it was about 20 or 30 feet long In the
evening the boats were filled with officers
singing smoking &ce. I turned into bed at
9 oclock & I could hear them singing &
shouting long afterwards

Tuesday August 18th 1857

Got up at 6 this morning & went on deck 2
hours there is a fine fresh breeze & our ship
is flying rapidly across the atlantic under
full sail I went down to breakfast at 8
oclock. I thought I could eat with a good
appetite but the first mouthful I took
completely upset me there is a peculiar
taste about everything which is most nauseating
to me. a peice of tempting looking cold

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