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lamb stood before me thinks Ile try a bit of
you. I did so & it is a wonder I did not vomit on
the spot. however I daresay I'll get accustomed
to it bye & bye. At 9.15 we saw a frigate
about 5 miles distant the first vessel we have
Seen since we left the Channel. She seems
homeward bound. I wish we would hail her
that I might send a letter home. oh, what
would I give to see all your faces once more.
every one seems happy here. they are all now
accustomed to travel & to make the most of the
Circumstances in which they are placed a great
many have been in the Crimea. Although I
must I say I cannot yet look upon things so
philosophically, There is something grand &
elevating on viewing the works of the Creator
as we see them here. The great ocean rolling
on its ceaseless waves the eye rests on nothing
save the Wild waves dashing & rolling noisily
until they seem to meet the sky in the
horizon. The weather is still keeping very
fine the sun shing brightly the breeze

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