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they stopped. I expect that we will soon get
sight of land now. Via Madeira. We are not to stop
at the Cape if it can be avoided but push right
on to Ceylon & there take in a fresh supply of coal
We are now put on short allowance of water.
One jugful each being the allowance. I do not
know why they should do so because they have
only to condense the steam produced by boiling
Salt water. We have Salt water baths which
we can have either hot cold or shower.
I have not tried either yet but intend to begin
soon. To night some of the young officers got
up the rigging. the Sailors were very soon after
them & tied them to the rope ladders. Until they
paid their footing which was either 5 or 10/-
(Summat to drink the genelmans health with) as
they called it. There was one very green young
fellow of an officer who was nicely caught.
he was led into it by the others. They proposed
to try a race to the top of the rope ladder &
down the other side. This young fellow got
off his coat to it The others let him

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