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As they use with the fire engines in Edinr
roses like those in a watering pan are attached
to it A sailor gets in the top of a hatchway
with this in his hand. While a dozen natives work
at the pump. You get under the roses & have
a first rate ducking Your shower baths in
Edinr are mere childs play compared to this
At 8 o'clock Am. we saw a ship ahead. We
soon gained upon her. We hoisted our colours
they returned the tricolor so that she was French.
We were not near enough to interchange any
more signals. We soon lost sight of her far
behind At 3 o'clock this afternoon we sighted
one of the Canary islands Palma for my
part I could not think it any thing else
than a cloud the Sailors however said it
Was land & that it was the island Palma. We
also saw dimly the Peak of Teneriffe which
was very high out from the sea 12300 feet
we guess more than 100 miles distant from
Teneriffe & about 18 from Palma. On the
latter we could see some houses apparently
built among the rocks. I did not see that

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