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A ship could land at it. As there was nothing
to be seen round & round it but high rocks &
the sea beating against them. Further on
in the eveing we saw. Santa Cruz another
of the group of Canary's - The sailors &
officers servants meet every night on the
forecastle after their work is done. & amuse
themselves with singing, there are some good
singers among them & they sing some good songs
Lat: 29.45. N
Long: 17.49. W. Distance run 218m

Sunday Augt: 23rd 1857

This morning is very close & hot. We are beginning
to feel the heat a good deal now. We have made
little progress the last 24 hours the breeze
being right ahead. We are only going half steam
power. I can scarcely beleve it is Sabbath
mg. [morning] here. You hear the sailors shouting as usual
the passengers sitting & laying about as usual the
only difference being that the sailors have trea
-ted themselves to clean shirts & clean white
trousers. We had service on board this mg. [morning]
at 10.30 conducted in the Church of England

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