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the line when we shall have his royal highness
Neptune & his worthy spouse Amphitrite on
board to pay us a visit. The Cheif Officer had
the [m all struck through] Anchors out today showing them to
some of the Ladies there are three degrees the
first as smooth on the edge as a barrel hoop the
second like a saw though not so sharp the 3rd
like a comb with sharp teeth the blade
of each is about 3 feet long Lat 20.15
Long 25.3 } 197

Thursday Augt 27th 1857

This forenoon we made out two ships ahead we were
soon on a line with one of them (we always beat
the sailing vessels) it was to windward 5 miles
distant. They hoisted their colours. We at first
could not make them out however on getting a good
glass we made out the tricolor of the French. We
hoisted our Union Jack they dipped their
flag three times as a mark of respect we
dipped ours also. They then showed the
numbers by which we recognize the name
there are 12 pendants each having different
colours. each of these pendants correspond to

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