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Course South 64° East 234 Current Setting to the
westward. 20 miles in 24 hours.

Sept. 18th. thermom[eter] down to 50° this morning
Queen of ondes natives. difference in temperature
during the voyage.

Sept 19th dancing this afternoon on the quarter deck.
finished with a fight. Morris blanketted
Lat 38.46 S. Long 152 West 220 miles.

Sept 20. Time now seems to pass quickly passed
Tristan de Cuhha and Goughs island
Lat 39.29 S. Long. 2.14 E. 205 miles.

Sept 21. Eugenia put in view Kept in 24 hours.
This eveng concert. Hoblyn Surg. Laura.
Lat 39.46 S. Long. 5.59 W. 186 miles. ,

Sept 22. Theatrical performance this evening.
Slasher & Crasher & Box & Cox married & settled
Sailor Russell danced a hornpipe. Usual
theatrical cries by Slade & others, Fox of
the 34th. Sweeping the floor. Lat 39.45 S Long 13.49 E. 203 miles

Sept 23. Squally weather. Sudden squall took
us aback at 5 o'clock & carried away main top
studding sail loose. repaired during the night

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