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Sept 24th. Sent home from [struck through: Nov]Aug 13th till Nov 5th

Nov. 5th. Arrived at Garden reach. Ferris
waiting. got to government place to dinner at
7 o'clock. Sailors of the Nile exhibiting
Guy Fawkes.

Nov. 6th. Went down to the "Candia" in
the morning. [struck through: drove] Carried in a palanquin
most of the day. looked for Doveton College
taken to Medical & Hindoo Colleges.

Nov. 7th. Went down to Garden Reach in a
garry. got Dr. Barrys boxes into an open
cart. met Egan Walter McDakin. Went
to Fort. William with Egan then to Wilsons
[written between lines: Called on Smith saw McLaren & Bruce ]
Saunders going up country in the eveng.

Nov 8th. At the Scotch Church in the fore
noon with Y. Barry. Sacrament at the church.
Went to the fort in the vening. saw McDakin
wrote note to Dr. Barry about E.I. Corps.

Nov. 9th. Received note from Barry. Offered
Govt. appoint. prefer staying with Barry.
to it. Met Smith McLaren Bruce
at the post office went home with

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