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hours that must elapse before my letters reach.
Oh how happy will be the time when I first am able
to send home something to assist those at home.
Volunteer Artillery out practicing this morning.
do not like the idea of working in a Dispy.[Dispensary]
but what would I not do for the sake of my
mother. May God Almighty spare her many
years to come. May I once more [meet scored through] see her

Nov. 15th. Up at 7 Oclock. did not go out for a
walk. Must conquer this lazy habit.
In the Labr. all day arranging it. made
Zinc Iod: Ferri Iod: &ce.

Nov 16th Up at 6. Read from 3rd. Went
out for short walk. Went with Dr. Barry to
church in the forenoon. text 2 Cor. 5-14-15
Scotch church in the evening. Minister with
Crimean medal. Subject compare the
Christian to a Soldier. Met Egan &
walked home with him.

Nov. 17th. Up at Gun five. Went to
Bazaar with Mr. Parker & Tom Barry

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